Awesome Wedding and That Sunset Photoshoot

bride, groom, love, wedding, park, photoshoot, sunset, bench, leicester

Having met this awesome couple in advance of their big day I understood the importance of making sure they received images that not only reflected the colourful nature of their big day but also to ensure I added a bit of style to the imagery. I started off at the grooms house and took some pics to set the tone of the day from the grooms side. Once this was done we timed it so that I went to the brides house to capture some of her preparations, once this was done it was onto the venue.

groom, watch, gucci, wedding

groom, groomsman, car, ribbon, celebration
bride, hair, style, preparations, wedding
bride, asianbride, asian wedding, leicester, photography

I like to get to the venue early so that I can set the scene with some good details shots of the decor and the atmosphere, luckily I knew quite a few of the guests so it was good fun to catch up with everyone (see some of those awesome guests further below!)

wedding, decor, cocktails, stage, cake

As always though, the stars of the event the bride and groom!

bride, groom, asian wedding, leicester, love
bride, groom, love, wedding, park, photoshoot, sunset, bench, leicester
bride, groom, wedding, celebration, love, photography

It makes my day when the couple are enjoying themselves, it makes for some great pics

bride, groom, laughter, love, celebration, photoshoot

There were many many more pics I could have shared and maybe you’ll see them on the Facebook page but I’ll finish with those awesome #topguests & #esatphotographymodels, as you know the following pics were all done on a smartphone and you may see some of them on the instagram feed too.

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Even the dhol players got in on the act!!

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