A Delightful Turkish/Asian Wedding

engagement, couple, love, photoshoot, wedding, photography

When doing a pre-wedding photoshoot, it gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other and it most certainly helps me understand what kinds of photos the couple really want when it comes to the big day, it also gives the couple the opportunity to feel more relaxed in front of the camera. This amazing couple were naturals though and catching some of these moments was made so much easier as we got to know each other throughout the photoshoots and events.

I was looking forward to experiencing what it was like to attend a Turkish/Asian wedding!

engagement, couple, love, photoshoot, wedding, photography
engagement, wedding, bride, groom, love, couple, photoshoot, photography
bride, groom, wedding, photography, love, couple

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The wedding day started with the groom preps and once I took a few shots it was onto the brides location, understanding that this was what the bride and groom asked for I wanted to ensure I caught a few portraits of them both. 

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I always try to ensure I get as much of the decor as possible, many couples tell me afterwards the day almost becomes a blur and it’s up to me to ensure I give them images they can look back at and see all the things they included in all the planning, artistically captured of course!

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When I was told the groom would arrive like this, I just knew it would be spectacular. That gold Lamborghini though!

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Those moments!

bride, groom, wedding, love, rings, celebration, couple, photography
bride, groom, wedding, table, love, couple, celebration
I also covered the registry and after the ceremony we had an opportunity to visit a Leicestershire lake and we certainly had the weather for another awesome photoshoot. I think the local wildlife tried to get in on the act!

bride, groom, wedding, love, photoshoot, lake, photography, leicester
bride, groom, sunshine, wedding, lake, photoshoot, leicestershire, lake, swan

I thought I’d end on this one. I’d like to wish the couple all the happiness in their marriage, they were a pleasure to work with.

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