Familiar Faces At Another Stunning Event

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This must have been the 5th (maybe even the 6th) event I have done with this family so it was fantastic to catch up with everyone. Of course the family were totally comfortable in front of the camera and we had fun with some of the stage shots (as I always like to do!). Here are some of the highlights from this special event starting with the bridal preparations. I try to avoid ‘staging’ too many of the preparation pics as I like to keep things looking natural. To see a list of some of the awesome suppliers check out the bottom of this page.

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Mockberg AB

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Hackett Limited

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wedding, cake, wedding cake, kaketemptations

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wedding, rings, jewellery, celebration, engagement



esatphotographymodels, wedding, celebration, love, family, asian wedding

As you know, guests/family will always have fun when being photographed! #esatphotographymodels see more on instagram


I often get messages asking me who was the supplier for this and who was the supplier for that from the photos that are seen on facebook/instagram and on this site. Where known, I shall start listing supplier names to help if you are planning you big day.

Known suppliers at this event were: Kaketemptations, iStyle events, Ashifa.