A Majestic Wedding & Dining Experience

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I was looking forward to the photoshoot as I knew the groom in advance, this ensured we were all very relaxed and this showed in the photo’s. I was particularly impressed as the couple had thought about the kinds of photos they wanted during the photoshoot, once again, this helps me ensure I give the couples pretty much exactly what they want in the Esat Photography style of course!

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Pandora Jewellery UK

I went for a matte type of edit with the photoshoot pics, the couple look very stylish and comfortable in front of the camera so I added a little bit of a themed look to the images. It was onto Birmingham for the wedding reception, once again I was looking forward to the event as I probably knew most of the family from previous events. As always it’s good to catch up.

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It was arranged so that I got to the venue in advance and when I arrived, it was good to see the venue was decorated and ready. I had the whole place to myself to get some of the detail and colour that made the banqueting hall look absolutely stunning. As always it was good to catch up with Baker St Cakes even here in Birmingham, their cakes always look stunning!

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bride, groom, wedding, celebration, love, couple

Giglio.com UK

bride, groom, wedding, celebration, photography
bride, groom, asian wedding, photography, east photography
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