Modern, classic walima in Leicester

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This was going to be a fun event for me as I already knew the couple & their families really well after capturing one of their previous events. They are so relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and it shows in the pics. I wanted the bridal prep pics to happen all naturally and you can see the make up artist and the hair stylist hard at work doing what they do, I took a back seat and photographed it as it happened.

Whilst I label my photography as modern, stylish photography, I wanted the photos to be modern with a classic feel to them.

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Mavericks Elite Groooming

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The details – I always like to ensure I am kept busy by capturing some of the accessories whilst I may wait for certain moments.

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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On to the actual photo session, once again I wanted the couple to just interact naturally and the pics tend to take care of themselves.

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Virgin Atlantic
It was a lunchtime walima and the sun was out, this can prove challenging for photographers due to the harsh sunlight. I wanted to use the scenic surroundings and had to think carefully about where I placed the couple.

bride, groom, wedding, asianwedding, love, leicester

bride, groom, wedding, love, photoshoot, photography

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PANDORA Jewellery UK
On to the venue and an awesome entrance as the couple walked in

bride, groom, walima, asianwedding, love, entrance

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The confetti didn’t stop there, another natural moment caught as they cut the cake.

bride, groom, stage, wedding, walima, asian wedding, leicester, love

It was an absolute pleasure capturing their walima, I’d like to wish the couple every happiness for the future.

King of Shaves Beard Balm Fresh

Make up artist: Paula Durance
Hair Stylist: Shazia Hassam 
Stage Decor: Moshaz Stages