Familiar Faces At Another Stunning Event

wedding, rings, jewellery, celebration, engagement

This must have been the 5th (maybe even the 6th) event I have done with this family so it was fantastic to catch up with everyone. Of course the family were totally comfortable in front of the camera and we had fun with some of the stage shots (as I always like to do!). Here […]

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A Beautiful Day

bride, groom, wedding, photoshoot, love, leicester

A beautiful day indeed, started off with some bridal and groom preparations, the venue was full of colour and entertainment with a violinist, Photo Booth & some stunning desserts for everyone. The groom entered first then it was the turn of the bride. Here are some of the highlights from a stunning wedding. If you […]

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Stunning Walima Full of Smiles

bride, groom, wedding, car

I have captured several of this families events over the years and each one has been memorable, this walima was no exception. As always, it was great to see some of the previous couples whose weddings I have captured and, of course, the families. I knew it was going to be a fun event so […]

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Awesome Wedding and That Sunset Photoshoot

bride, groom, love, wedding, park, photoshoot, sunset, bench, leicester

Having met this awesome couple in advance of their big day I understood the importance of making sure they received images that not only reflected the colourful nature of their big day but also to ensure I added a bit of style to the imagery. I started off at the grooms house and took some […]

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A Delightful Turkish/Asian Wedding

engagement, couple, love, photoshoot, wedding, photography

When doing a pre-wedding photoshoot, it gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other and it most certainly helps me understand what kinds of photos the couple really want when it comes to the big day, it also gives the couple the opportunity to feel more relaxed in front of the camera. […]

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Tobias & Shannel – Supercool Wedding!

bride, groom, walking, celebration, love, couple, wedding

Shannel contacted me about a year before the big day to discuss her wedding photography needs and I was delighted when she asked me to be her official photographer. I set about having a few meetings to discuss how she wanted her special day to be covered. I feel it’s important to understand the couple […]

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A Magical Evening Filled With Fun

bride, groom, hands, love

I was honoured to have been chosen to capture this amazing couples wedding reception dinner, after a few preparation images at home, it was onto the Platinum Suite in Leicester for the event itself. I understand that guests from all over the world had attended. I’m pretty sure we now have #esatphotographymodels from California now.

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The Wedding Reception and That Mannequin Challenge!

bride, groom, wedding, asian wedding, love, couple

Adam & Sana (Pt2) As promised here is part two of Adam & Sana’s key wedding events. Once again, due to covering several of their events I knew who everyone was, this is a good advantage as I have previously mentioned. The main family members and guests I met previously were known to me so […]

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Rosemina & Shahbaz

bride, groom, wedding, celebration, cake, wedding cake, asian wedding, photography

This wedding was full of colour and fun. As always it’s nice to see families from previous weddings I have covered. I like the way the venues lighting complimented the way the hall was decorated. I started to capture the venue/decor before the families/guests had arrived and then, of course, the bride and grooms entrances.

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Jaine & Min

bride, groom, wedding, nottingham, colwick hall, love, celebration, photography

Colwick Hall in Nottingham was the setting for this amazing wedding. It was important to ensure the photo’s reflected the location and the style in which the bride & groom wanted me to photograph their event. Whilst the weather was not on our side in the morning it dried up in the afternoon which allowed […]

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