The Wedding Reception and That Mannequin Challenge!

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Adam & Sana (Pt2)

As promised here is part two of Adam & Sana’s key wedding events. Once again, due to covering several of their events I knew who everyone was, this is a good advantage as I have previously mentioned. The main family members and guests I met previously were known to me so this helped me understand who I needed to focus on. The mehndi event was colourful and full of delicious food and treats (thank you for the supply of sweets!!) and it was good to see Socharo dance performing again. There are so many pics I could have shared but here are some of the highlights including one from the mannequin challenge we did.

wedding, stage, mehndi, colourful, bench, asian wedding

mehndi, candle, gift, wedding, asian wedding

So, onto the wedding day, firstly it was to the grooms house for a few grooms prep pics, then onto the brides house.

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bride, asian bride, wedding, asian wedding, nikah

I always like to get to the venue well before the bride and groom arrive, this ensures I can capture a sense of atmosphere and the decor/detail.

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wedding, wedding cake, dessert, food, marriage

bridesmaid, wedding, asian wedding

bride, groom, wedding love, couple, asian wedding

bride, henna, mehndi, ring, wedding, asian wedding, nikah, love, hands

bride, groom, wedding, asian wedding, love, couple

bride, groom, wedding, asian wedding

bride, groom, wedding, asian wedding, love, couple

bridesmaids, sisters, guests, wedding, asian wedding

That mannequin challenge! We do like to make things fun and interesting.

bride, groom, wedding, love, couple, asian wedding

After the event, there was time for one last creative image in the car

bride, groom, car, wedding car, rolly royce, love, couple


What an amazing set of events, thoroughly enjoyed capturing them all. Credit to the following companies who were awesome to work with.

Photographer: well you know!
Video: Rahim
Decor (Mehndi): iStyle Events
Decor (Reception): Moshaz Stages
Mehndi Dancers: Socharo Dance
DJ: 3 Style
Desserts & Mocktails: The Dessert Boutique
Wedding Cake: Kaketemptations
Bouquet: Bouquets by Shy