Tobias & Shannel – Supercool Wedding!

bride, groom, walking, celebration, love, couple, wedding

Shannel contacted me about a year before the big day to discuss her wedding photography needs and I was delighted when she asked me to be her official photographer. I set about having a few meetings to discuss how she wanted her special day to be covered. I feel it’s important to understand the couple so that when I deliver the images they are in the style the couple wants them.

Having got to know Shannel and Tobias they wanted their day to be captured as naturally as possible (outside of the formal photos). Here are some of the highlights (don’t forget to check out the #esatphotographymodels guest pics at the bottom of this post)

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Mum, waiting patiently for Shannel to make her entrance

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Did someone want some fun pics?

bride, bridesmaids, wedding, celebration, photography, leicester

The turn of the bride and her bridesmaids

bride, groom, wedding, couple, love, leicester, celebration

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A huge thank you to Shannel’s dad for giving us a mention during his speech!

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Your turn to take some pics!

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 That Instagram frame!!

The Instagram board proved popular, Shannel asked me to bring it so I duly obliged. Here are some #topguests from the day. If you want to be featured on our instagram send me your pics #esatphotographymodels !!



topguests, esatphotographymodels, wedding, fun

topguests, esatphotographymodels, wedding, fun

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